The main objective of the project is to demonstrate, under different agroclimatic and livestock systems conditions, the viability of an innovative pasture management system based on the regenerative agriculture principles and its environmental effectiveness, as well as to dissemination and transfer the obtained results. To do so, LIFE REGEN FARMING project will focus on:

  • Testing in situ the effect of regenerative practices (holistic management, minimum tillage, use of perennials grass species, organic fertilizers, grazing planning, etc.) as a sustainable alternative to conventional farming.
  • Testing and developing easy-to-use, fast and cheap methodologies for assessing and monitoring the health of soils, such as Agroecosystems’ Health Cards (TSAs) and chromatograms.
  • Monitoring the environmental and socioeconomic impact of regenerative practices at the farm scale.
  • Raising awareness about the environmental benefits of regenerative practices among relevant stakeholders involved in different production systems and locations.
  • Contributing to the fulfillment of the general objectives of the CAP, and in particular those envisaged within the LIFE program and the Soil Thematic Strategy (and its implementation), aiming towards raising awareness and improving the knowledge brokerage process regarding soil biodiversity.